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Our experience and technical knowledge will ensure that every tax return is correct down to the last detail. No matter how complex or simple your tax return, whether it involves business income, rental property or capital gains issues, we will help you take advantage of the current tax laws.

Our specialist services include:

  • Completion of annual income tax return
  • Income tax and capital gain tax advice
  • Advice regarding your entitlement to tax offsets and rebates
  • Tax-related investment advice



Michael Zhang

After quite a few years of hard work, my wife and I have finally paid off our first property and just bought a second one. Caroline's advice on the depreciation claims and capital gain tax meant that we saved thousands and thousands of tax.

Thank you!


Jessica Franklin

I have engaged TaxGo at Mortdale of St. George Area to prepare and lodge my personal tax returns. I thought I knew everything but surprisingly there are lots of tax deductions that I didn't know I can claim. I have got much more tax refund than trying to prepare my tax return.


Jason Wei

Before engaging TaxGo, my financials were like a rollercoaster. As a dad I want to give my children the best opportunities in life, however sending kids to private school is expensive and trying to purchase a new property seemed really daunting. However, after TaxGo prepared a budget for me and we examined my cash flow before and after the purchase, I felt a lot more confident in my finances. I reduced some unnecessary spending and found that we could afford the lifestyle we wanted.

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