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We appreciate that some of our clients are willing to go on the record for us and thank them for it.

Michael Zhang

After quite a few years of hard work, my wife and I have finally paid off our first property and just bought a second one. Caroline's advice on the depreciation claims and capital gain tax meant that we saved thousands and thousands of tax.

Thank you!


Charlie Lee, Business owner of Lee’s Noodles

I bought a small business two years ago and Caroline has been providing on-time advice from the very beginning, from examining the existing business' financial situation to purchasing, and now with running the business. If I have got any queries regarding employee staff, debt collection, or anything else, she always provides very valuable advice and I am always clear on where I stand on any tax matters as a business owner. She keeps me up to date with any changes in the tax law  and how to act to have a better financial outcome.


Johnson IT Consultant

I own a small business. Since our children were born, my wife doesn’t work anymore. Caroline has helped us set up a family trust to overcome the situation that one person has high marginal tax rate and the other one cannot be used any tax-free threshold at all. Every year we have been saving thousands of tax by optimising our tax position.


Jessica Franklin

I have engaged TaxGo at Mortdale of St. George Area to prepare and lodge my personal tax returns. I thought I knew everything but surprisingly there are lots of tax deductions that I didn't know I can claim. I have got much more tax refund than trying to prepare my tax return.


Tian Chen & Jun Pan, Business owner of Jade Wholesale

We have been working with TaxGo for more than ten years. Anytime I need tax advice, Caroline is always just one phone call away. She is always thinking to achieve the best results from my perspective. I don’t need to worry about the tax return, BAS lodgement, ASIC annual review, and I can just focus on growing my business.


Jason Wei

Before engaging TaxGo, my financials were like a rollercoaster. As a dad I want to give my children the best opportunities in life, however sending kids to private school is expensive and trying to purchase a new property seemed really daunting. However, after TaxGo prepared a budget for me and we examined my cash flow before and after the purchase, I felt a lot more confident in my finances. I reduced some unnecessary spending and found that we could afford the lifestyle we wanted.


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