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Charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) at home? You might be able to get some money back using the EV home charging rate.

If you use your car for work, you can claim a portion of your charging costs. You get 4.2 cents for each kilometre you drive for work, based on how much you use your car for business.

Please don't forget to keep your receipts from commercial charging stations. You can claim those costs separately as long as your car can track how much charging is done at home versus at the stations.

If you can't figure out the split between home and station charging, you must choose one of the two options only:

  1. Use the 4.2 cents per kilometre method.
  2. Use your commercial charging receipts.

This scheme doesn't apply to hybrid cars (those with both electric and combustion engines) or to electric motorbikes or scooters.