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Even though women in Australia won the right to vote in 1902, there are still countless areas of life where that notion of equality hasn't always been fulfilled. Just recently the Australian Tax Office made a clarification on the use of hand bags as being a potential work-related deduction in the same way that a briefcase can be.

How to beat the health insurance price rise

It's no April fool's joke, from 1 April, private health insurance premiums are set to increase by at least 6 per cent.


With the 2016 Federal election looming, all sides of politics are putting forward their views on taxation policy. So it seems like a good opportunity to share some basic thoughts on our view of taxation. 


With all the discussion of increasing the GST that is taking place one of the hot issues in taxation has almost slipped under the radar. And that's bracket creep.


There's up to 2k on the table for all small business owners that are hiring. If you are putting on staff then this is another way to minimise the risks of growth that shouldn't be missed.

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