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It's quite wise to introduce children to the concept of saving when they are young. Many parents and grand-parents will start a small bank account for their children and encourage them to put their pocket money in it for something they really want. Over time, regular deposits plus money from birthdays or Christmas or even part-time earnings such as working at McDonald can really add up. Who pays the tax on any interest earned on these accounts? Is it the parent or the child?

With superannuation taking up almost 10% of your salary it is vital to continuously evaluate your super funds performance, fees and insurance. So which super funds are currently performing best?

For a lot of Australians that pot of gold might seem a long way off but with some planning and some self interest and some good health you will live to see it!

So what are the facts about Super to be aware of?

On 14 May 2013, the government announced that the 2013–14 budget will phase out the Net Medical Expense Tax Offset (“NMETO”), with it being phased out completely in July 2019. That may seem a long way off, but there was a 'catch'.

In a recent post we advised that all investors get a depreciation schedule for their investment properties to maximise their deductions. But did you know you that if you are a co-owner in an investment property you can get even further tax benefits by splitting the depreciation schedule according to the proportion of ownership before working out the deductions?

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